Saturday, July 5, 2008

Currency Trading System - a Free Profitable Trading System is

Author: kelly Price

The currency trading system enclosed, works, will continue to
work and you can get started with it and use it to seek forex
trading success. All you need to know about it is enclosed.

Don't confuse this currency trading system with the junk robots
you see online for sale which come with made up track records
simulated in hindsight, this one has been used by savvy traders
for over 20 years and works.

The system was originally devised to trade commodity markets but
works on any trending market and of course forex markets offer
excellent trends.

The System is known as the 4 Week Rule and was devised by
Richard Donchian one of the most influential traders of all time
and here is the system and its very simple but don't be put off
all the best trading systems are - here you go:

Buy a new 4 week calendar high and reverse to a short position
on a break to any 4 week colander low maintaining a position in
the market at all times.

That it and while it sounds simple it is based on sound logic
and this system if you test it makes money here's why:

- It trades breakouts and it's a fact that most trends start
from new lows or highs

- It trades infrequently and is after the longer term trends

The advantage of the system is

- It will put you on the right side of EVERY big trend

- It is totally objective all you do is follow the rule

- It takes very little time to use this system

The only disadvantage of the system is when markets don't trend
and of course it can generate signals that cause losses so you
may wish to add a filter:

Exit any position on a one or two week low and then wait for the
next 4 week signal to re enter. You can also use short term
moving averages to exit the trade as well.

This system may not be complicated but it is effective at making
money longer term. You need discipline to follow it as its not
fussy about exact market timing but it puts dollars in the
pocket longer term and will beat 95% of sold systems online.

If you think that a simple system couldn't make money test the 4
Week Rule and you may be very surprised!

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